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The idea of ​​establishing the AlRyadh Alolia Trading Company Ltd. was based on the vision of our dear Kingdom 2030, as we launched in 2018 with the current name, the company has become one of the economic organizations that contribute to serving the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As the Kingdom provides a suitable and safe investment environment, as well as other factors, advantages, continuous development and clients’ trust that help to launch towards the future vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These factors have been the main pillar and prominent feature of the AlRyadah Alolia Trading Company Ltd.’s path since its inception, which continues to advance its objectives for the better always.  AlRyadh Alolia Company offers a wide variety of projects, brands and distinct technical services, from the Smart Education System through the technical development of a number of technical programs and platforms in various fields (Gateway, Saham, Belize) on a large scale in different regions and partnerships and commercial alliances with many Governmental organizations, private companies, and a chain of international shops, leading to the launch of many distinctive and famous brands