Al-Riyada Al-Olaya Limited Trading Company (AALTC)

Al-Riyada Al-Olaya Limited Trading Company (AALTC), is a company working in the field of trade,
distribution, marketing and IT solutions, has experience for more than 20 years, and has an integrated
work team and a distinct customer base, and its headquarters are in the Kingdom of Saudi
Arabia, Riyadh, and it works in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation
Council, and the company provides high-quality commercial products, with international specifications,
and competitive prices.

Our services

We are distinguished in commercial innovation, marketing distribution, IT solutions, and provide
the latest training tools and business development.


Our team has extensive and varied experiences in various marketing fields with a deep and accurate understanding of our customers’ needs and the needs of the market.


We work away from the normal mode of thinking, take a new approach to thinking, and employ people with brains capable of research and development.

Call Centers

The company is currently providing call center services, through our team of young Saudi men and women, as the company has great experience in the field of enriching and managing customer experiences and digital channels, as it guarantees for its customers to get high-level performance results in all projects managed by the company.


Our experience in the field of trade and supply makes us your first choice to get a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Information Technology

Providing technical solutions and business solutions through our distinguished team, to make your business much easier than it was before.


We act as intermediaries as products pass through us as agents of international companies and brands until they reach the final consumer. These channels include wholesale and retail stores, distributors and even websites.